New Students Frequently Asked Questions

WHEN TO ARRIVE: Ringing In Saturday events begin in the morning on August 18. Plan to check in at the Allen Athletics and Recreation Center around 9:00 a.m. You will receive an information packet including the orientation schedule. Lunch will be provided in Chadwick Court. There is no charge for students, but there is a nominal charge of $5.00 per-person (paid at the event) for additional persons attending. President Gregory Hess will ring in new students in a ceremony that begins at 1:00 p.m. in the Pioneer Chapel.

**International students need to arrive by August 15.

Ringing In Saturday events for parents will end at approximately 4:00 p.m. PM.

BOOKS: Students will receive a list of the textbooks and manuals they will need during Wabash 101 activities (or via email from the Registrar). Please note that the Wabash College Bookstore does not stock textbooks except in a few rare cases as indicated in the Notes column below (thoughtexts may be purchased online through the Wabash College Bookstore site — please contact Kelsie Merriett with any questions regarding course texts). Students may also purchase their textbooks from a variety of online sources; just make sure you purchase the correct edition and match up the ISBN number.

PAYMENT OF FEES: Tuition invoices for the first semester will be available online in Wabash Self-Service on June 1 with payment due August 1.

  • Expected loans and outside scholarships are shown as “pending” until actually received.
  • Your paid admission deposit is credited on your first semester statement.
  • Students can set up access for parents to view their bills through the Wabash Self-Service system; instructions are available here.
  • Questions related to fees should be directed to Cathy VanArsdall at 765-361-6421 or
  • Credit card payments are accepted online (MasterCard,Visa, American Express and Discover).
  • You cannot register until your fees are paid.

WABASH INTERNSHIPS AND STUDENT EMPLOYMENT: To better understand how Wabash Internships and Student Employment hours are credited toward your cost of attendance, visit the Financial Aid office webpage on Wabash Internships and Student Employment. Questions about how to complete Wabash Internships and Student Employment forms, pay rate, etc. can be found here.

You will apply for all Wabash Internships and Student Employment opportunities through the Career Services website. The majority of Wabash Student Employment positions are posted at the beginning of each semester, however, they may be posted at any time throughout the academic year. For details, and to begin the application process, go to The Career Services Wabash Internships and Student Employment website.

LOANS: If your financial aid package includes loans, you will need to activate your loans prior to your arrival on campus.  Visit the Financial Aid Office loan activation page to activate your student loans.

PAYMENT PLANS: To enroll in a payment plan for the this academic year, you can find more information at /businessoffice/plans. You can enroll online or contact our partners, Tuition Management Systems, at 1-800-722-4867

OTHER FINANCIAL AID QUESTIONS: If you have questions about financial aid that aren't addressed above, please contact the Financial Aid Office directly at 800-718-9746 or email them at

STUDENT HEALTH FORMS: Prior to taking classes at Wabash , all students must complete the Student Health Center form, including proof insurance. To expedite this process Wabash College uses an online data entry system.

VARSITY ATHLETIC PRACTICE: Watch for emails from the Athletic Department announcing the reporting dates for football, soccer, and cross country practice. Most Fall sport athletes will report before August 18. Please call the Athletic Department for sports information at 765-361-6220.

ROOM INFORMATION: Your housing assignment letter will be emailed to your Wabash email account in mid-July. All students are required to live in College Housing, unless a student receives permission from the Dean of Students to commute from home. Fraternity rooms, and the assignment of them, vary from house to house.

All residence hall rooms come with extra-long twin beds (a little longer than the standard size 80”), dressers, desks, and desk chairs, cable, and campus network jacks. Residence Halls are air-conditioned, and room sizes vary from hall to hall. Your room will be ready to move into on Ringing In Saturday on August 18, beginning no earlier than 9:00 a.m. Single occupancy rooms are usually only available to upperclassmen.

WHEN DO I FIND OUT WHO MY ROOMMATE IS? The Dean of Students Office only assigns roommates to students living in a residence hall. Each fraternity has its own system for assigning rooms and roommates. If you selected to live in a residence hall, then you will receive your roommate information along with your housing assignment in your Wabash email account in mid-July.

WHAT SHOULD I BRING? See our suggested guidelines for what entering students may need at Wabash.

WHAT WILL MY MAILING ADDRESS BE? Mail will be delivered directly to your fraternity using the information sample below. Students living in Residence Halls will be assigned a mailbox located in the lower level of the Sparks Center ; address information samples are listed:

   Student’s Name
   Fraternity name
   Fraternity's street address
   Crawfordsville, IN 47933
Residence Hall/Independents
   Student's Name
   Mailbox #
   301 W. Wabash Ave. (or Wabash College)
   Crawfordsville, IN 47933

WHEN CAN I CHOOSE MY FALL CLASSES? Freshmen will register for their Freshman Tutorials as part of the New Student Road Map. All new students will select their remaining classes during Wabash 101 events after meeting with their academic advisor.

HOW DO I INQUIRE ABOUT AP, IB, OR DUAL CREDIT? Please review the "Scheduling Advice" information provided on the New Student Road Map or contact the Registrar's Office at 765-361-6416.

OTHER QUESTIONS? If you have a question that is not answered here, please contact the Dean of Students' Office at 765-361-6310 or for further assistance.