New Students Wabash 101


We welcomed 211 new students to the Wabash campus on June 18, June 21, June 22, and June 26 to learn about our courses and curriculum, confirm financial aid and billing details,make connections with other new students, upperclassmen, faculty and staff, and put together a Fall class schedule.

For those of you unable to attend Wabash 101, we’ve included on this page presentations that the students in attendance were able to see.  Watching these presentations will fill you in on much of what was covered at Wabash 101. 

The Wabash Curriculum and Planning a Fall Schedule Video

The Wabash Curriculum and Planning a Fall Schedule Webinar

Financial Aid and Billing Overview presentation

There are some updated scheduling materials that were distributed at Wabash 101, which you can download here, along with a copy of the Fall 2018 New Student Registration Worksheet and copies of the Sample Schedules for New Students. (Remember, the sample schedules are just examples; you can choose different courses to match your interests.) If you can’t download or print these documents, contact the Registrar’s Office and we will send copies to you in the mail.

Courses Open to First Year Students, Fall 2018

Fall 2018 New Student Registration Worksheet

Sample Schedules for New Students

WHAT happens next

Prepare to hear from your Academic Advisor in early July via email, phone, text or otherwise about choosing your Fall 2018 course selections and for advice on how to choose them. Watch this page for the following important updates, coming soon:

Information on upcoming live webinars in July where you can receive real-time scheduling advice

A link to a course submission site where you can submit your desired Fall courses online.

Full registration for Fall courses will be performed on August 1. By that time, you should have completed all, or nearly all, of the steps on the New Student Road Map. Importantly, you must be sure to submit the information related to the Student Health Record and fulfill your financial obligations, before your registration will be confirmed.


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