Ides of August Album One  

With an intensity matching his talk's provacative title, Owen Duston Visiting Professor of Philosophy and Teacher Education Samuel Rocha described "Education After the Death of School."

"Could education survive the death of school?" Rocha asked. "What would replace it? 

"The death of schools would be a time where schools would continue to exist, but cease to be believable… Whether this is the case today or not, the death of school presents a useful litmus test for studying the metaphysics of education."

"Is our notion of education wild and fertile enough to survive and exceed the endangered and domesticated era we live in?"

In seeking to describe that "wild and fertile" education, Rocha is encouraged by 19th century philosopher William James, who advised us "to think of education in the broadest sense."

"Education after school," Rocha said, "is the mystery of being and becoming a person."

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