Ides of August Album One  

Before he could explain his research begun this year with research assistant Zach Rohrbach ’12 and collaborators at Purdue and the National Autonomous University of Mexico, Professor of Physics Dennis Krause had to bring his audience up to speed on Einstein's Theory of Special Relativity, the twin paradox, the notion that time is relative, and the fact that gravity affects time. 

The theory has been proven using a cesium atom in an atom interferometer (as in current Department of Energy Secretary Dr. Steven Chu's laboratory at Stanford) in an experiment that actually shows how gravity affects time, but Krause wants to prove this at a quantum level. He and his collaborators have come up with a promising formula and theory. 

"We need to design an experiment to test this," Krause explained with a smile, noting that, as a theoretical physicist, he'll be handing that job to others. "Still, we have a lot of work to do." 

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