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OUTCOMES: #1-Ranked Alumni Network

What kind of man starts his own company at 23... and retires at 42? The kind who takes himself seriously — a Wabash man. Here, there are 900 men willing to stay up late, get up early, and do whatever it takes to turn ideas into realities. After Wabash, our men join a global network of more than 13,000 seriously successful alumni who can open all sorts of doors. Among them are a Nobel-nominated AIDS researcher, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, a Mayo Clinic oncologist, an NFL record-holder, a Sundance award-winning film maker, a federal judge, and a Vice President of the United States. What kind of man do you want to be?

Financial Aid 98%

Students receiving
financial aid

Salary Advantage $363,000

Wabash graduate
salary advantage

Rhodes Scholars 9

Rhodes Scholars

Top-20 Rankings 9

Top-20 Rankings
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Our Mission

Wabash educates men to think critically, act responsibly, lead effectively, and live humanely.

Rigorous Academics

Think for yourself — that's the Wabash way. You will learn how to think anywhere, anytime, about anything. We're committed to the virtues of a broad academic experience, so you will take language, literature, art, science, history, philosophy, mathematics, the works. It starts with one of our 24 majors or pre-professional programs.

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Accessible Faculty

Wabash's faculty is nationally recognized for excellence and accessibility. And in class, professors will expect you to know your stuff. They won't let you slack off or fail. Your professors will become your mentors and biggest supporters. You will emerge from Wabash with the intellectual groundwork to succeed in any career.

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Unmatched Facilities

Wabash boasts state-of-the-art facilities and equipment in Hays Science Hall — instruments usually reserved for grad students. Our Allen Athletics and Recreation Center is ranked among the nation's finest at any level, and the Schroeder Center for Career Development is ranked in the top 10. Add to that a $24 million investment in student housing.

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A Wabash liberal arts education prepares students for any careers they choose. The Wabash X initiatives provide additional skills and allow Wabash men to use their knowledge to solve real world problems.

  • Democracy & Public Discourse
  • Global Health
  • Center for Innovation, Business, & Entrepreneurship
  • Digital Arts and Human Values
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Wabash College asks you the most important question you will ever be asked: What kind of man do you want to be? We then make an institutional commitment to help every Wabash student develop his own answer to this life-changing question by blending an intimate liberal arts education with our culture that emphasizes personal responsibility, resilience, and reflection.

Students in Class

A rigorous liberal arts education

Wabash offers qualified young men a superior education, fostering, in particular, independent intellectual inquiry, critical thought, and clear written and oral expression

Individual responsibility and trust

Wabash students live by one rule: The student is expected to conduct himself, at all times, both on and off the campus, as a gentleman and a responsible citizen.

A personal context to teaching and learning

The College seeks to cultivate qualities of character and leadership in students by developing not only their analytic skills, but also sensitivity to values, and judgment and compassion required of citizens living in a difficult and uncertain world.

Wabash Athletics

Wabash men love to compete — in their living units, classrooms, and especially on the playing field. Wabash won the first intercollegiate baseball, football, and basketball games ever played in Indiana, and we've been living up to our motto — Wabash Always Fights! — ever since. In the last seven years, Wabash men have won eight individual national championships, claimed 17 conference titles, and produced over 500 all-conference performances. And our student-athletes really are students — ten Little Giants have been named Academic All-Americans since 2011.