Big Bash: Class of 60 Memorial Service  

When the organist scheduled to play for the service did not arrive, retired dentist Alan White ’60 volunteered to play for the service, providing one of the highlights of the Big Bash. 

"I used to sneak into the Chapel when I was a student and play this organ,” White said following the service. “I’d wanted to accompany the Glee Club back then, but they already had an accompanist.”

While Saturday was his first stint as the Chapel organist, White is no stranger to performing. The former organist for St. Christopher's Episcopal Church in Carmel, IN, who has performed concerts with the Carmel Symphony Orchestra as well as many solo piano and organ concerts, White had studied music for 13 years before he became a freshman at Wabash and continued his studies for a master's degree in piano performance at Butler University.

Still, Saturday's performance had special significance.

“It took me back to those times I would sneak in here to play, the hours I spent here," he said. "To have the first time I’d played this organ for an audience in this place be in front of my class, for this service, is overwhelming. I cherished every minute of it.”



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