Ides of August Album One  

When Joe Reese ’12 and Aaron Cantu ’10 began working with Assistant Professor of Art Elizabeth Morton to record in high-definition video renowned Nigerian woodcarver Lamidi Fakeye, the plan was simply to document his visit to Wabash and one previous stop.

But when Fakeye died last year, Reese and Morton's plan to document his trip grew into a documentary film about his life—a life told in the artist's own words during interviews made for the film.

In their presentation at Ides, Reese and Morton showed clips from the finished film, Lamidi Olonade Fakeye: The Life of a Master Carver, which was previewed by the Africa Network earlier this year and received much praise. 

"Post-production took nearly four months of little sleep and no vacations to produce our rough-cut for the test audience," Reese explained. "Despite the great response from the test audience, it was nearly three months later before the final cut was complete. The phrase 'Wabash Always Fights' provided great support during those long nights."

See clips from the film here.

See a photo album from Fakeye's visit to Wabash here.

Read about Joe Reese's presentation to the Celebration of Student Research, Scholarship, and Creative Work here.


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