Ides of August Album Two  

Can showing a picture of a little boy smiling with his mother to a group of kindergarteners really encourage them to be more helpful to one another?

That’s one of the questions Assistant Professor of Psychology Eric Olofson hopes to answer in one of two of his research projects examining social cognition and behavior in young children.

Olofson described an ongoing research project he and his students are working on in which one group of Crawfordsville kindergarteners is shown a photo of a smiling but solitary boy. The other group is shown a photo of the same boy smiling with his mother. In previous research, the second picture has been shown to increase the likelihood of kindergarteners helping one another, and Olofson and his students are testing that theory with their study of local schoolkids.

“Our hope is that simply putting up the picture will increase pro-social behavior in the classroom,” Olofson said.

Read more about the project here.

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