Ides of August Album Two  

Professor of English Warren Rosenberg has been teaching his Men and Masculinities course since 1993. The course has been not only well-received by students, but often mentioned as a life-changer during students’ time here.

But Professor Rosenberg wants to know if the course has had long term effects on his former students, and he’s been gathering past and current students' comments on the course for several years now.

During Friday’s presentation, Professor Rosenberg shared email from an alumnus who said, “The course made me question the stereotypical male role that I had grown up with” and “that that Men and Masculinities was no doubt the foundation of my interest in the subject.”


“The responses I’ve received have been gratifying,” Rosenberg said. But when he wanted to hear from more of the 89 alumni who had taken the course, his letters and emails were to no avail.

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