Faculty-Staff Retirement Luncheon 12-9-10 Album II  

IT Senior Systems Analyst Kathy Tymoczko 

Director of Information Technology Services Brad Weaver said: "Kathy's work isn't the sort that you'll read about on the home page of the College Web site, but it is essential to the College. She works with the database that stores all the College’s data to ensure that information is reliable and flexible for all the offices on campus.

"Kathy's work requires a complex mix of technical ability and business acumen and an in-depth understanding of the processes and procedures of every office on campus. This is work that Kathy excells at. She takes ownership and responsibility for these systems, is an excellent problem solver, and has an uncanny ability to anticipate and prevent bad things from happening to her data. 

"Thanks to Kathy, during her time at Wabash I haven't had to worry if the College's database will be up and working."

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